Adam Haines
Milwaukee.WI.USA. - The waves of California always on his mind, Adam draws his inspiration from the blue of the ocean and the peaks of the mountains. You will always find Adam pushing himself to find new ways to interlace beats and rhythms while keeping the rest of the band in line.
Ben Bauer
West Allis.WI.USA.
Kyle Shaffer
Eau Claire.WI.USA. - Fueled by his passion for excitement, Kyle always tries to find the latest and greatest. He never accepts subpar performance and demands the best out of everyone.
Mike Marianek
Rhyme Spit/Samples
Germany. - Mike has mastered the ability to combine words and phrases into musical epiphany. His brain runs over a million thoughts a second yet he seems to cherish every idea. Friendly to all and a stranger to none.
Leo Loves Virgo 2009